A Bloat of Hippos

A group of hippos can be a number of things: hippopotamuses, hippopotami, a pod, a herd, a dale or a bloat.


Hippos can only be found in Africa and there are two different species. The largest of the two lives in East Africa, south of the Sahara desert. The much smaller one, the pygmy hippopotamus, are very rare and can only be found in limited areas in West Africa.

Fun Hippo Facts:

   Hippopotamas is Greek for “river horse”.

   They secrete a red substance that acts like a skin moistener and sunblock.

   Can you run 30 kilometres an hour? A hippo can.

   Known as the third largest land mammal and one of the most aggressive animals in the world.

   Their closest relatives are actually cetaceans – whales, porpoises, and dolphins.


africa-1228278_1920-300x200 A Bloat of Hippos hippo-96338_1920-300x199 A Bloat of Hippos hippo-289293_1280-300x224 A Bloat of Hippos hippo-515027_1920-300x205 A Bloat of Hippos

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