Discovering Mushrooms Along Algonquin’s Booth’s Rock Trail

Mushrooms come in all shapes and sizes. They may have gills, tubes, teeth, veins, or they could be smooth. Their caps may be high, conical, arches, flat, depressed or even funnel shaped. Surfaces can range from appearing felty, hairy, scaly coated, smooth and so on. Every different part of a mushroom or fungi can be a different colour, with certain parts being dry, slimy, or even milky.
You will find mushrooms growing on soil or debris, on wood, herbs, grasses, on other fungi and on dung.
Mushrooms and fungi are in their own kingdom, meaning that they are neither a plant (flora) or an animal (fauna).

Below you will find a variety of mushrooms and fungi I photographed along one of Algonquin Park’s trails – Booth’s Rock Trail. I am still trying to learn even the basics of mushroom identification and hope to be able to come back and label these mushrooms in the future.

Do you know that names of these mushrooms? Help us out by commenting below.

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