Fungi at Duncan Escarpment Nature Reserve


The Duncan Escarpment Provincial Park (Nature Reserve) is located near the town of Duncan, south of the Blue Mountains. The park is located in the Niagara Escarpment region and features some significant geological formations. Throughout the area there are open crevices and crevice caves that can be seen. There are also a fair number of cliffs, so you have to be careful when exploring.

Researchers have found that there are several Eastern White Cedars trees growing along the top edge a cliff face that could be anywhere from 445 to 563 years old. The park also supports some distinctive fern, moss, liverwort and lichen species.

The nature reserve contains 161 hectares of protected land and trails that are part of the Bruce Trail system. There are no fees for hiking the trails and no camping is permitted.

Below are a selection of mushrooms and fungi we have seen on our hikes through the area. Check out other posts from the Duncan Escarpment as they are posted for more information and a walk through of the trails.



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