Identifying Nature

Become an avid naturalist by learning how to identify common (and not so common) native species in your community, in parks and on hiking trails. Nature is wondrous and bountiful – no matter how much of your environment you may take in, there is so much more just waiting to be discovered and identified. Even in your own yard, you can find wonderful species and learn more about them. Have a ‘yard-venture’ with your kids. Don’t forget to pack snacks.

id-nature-3 Identifying Nature

On our superfantabulous journeys around our area and to other parts of Ontario, we would like to share our epic natural discoveries with Identifying Nature

Through descriptions, photographs and crazy videos, we will express our love of nature and get you hooked on the excitement that comes from seeing and identifying all the amazing creatures and plant life that Ontario has to offer. Get ready to be captivated by and plugged into our natural world Identifying Nature

And, if you have a picture of some native species that you can’t quite peg, send it to us, and we’ll try to identify it for you. Call it our ‘diagnostication’ feature!

1a Identifying Nature

Photographing, documenting and identifying native species: birds, butterflies, caterpillars, dragonflies, frogs, moths, mushrooms, snakes, shrubs, trees, wildflowers… Learn more about all the amazing things that live all around us.