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Get Outside

Experience & explore the outdoors regularly. Build a love for the environment in yourself, in your family & in your community. Respect, value & protect nature for today & the future. Live symbiotically with the world.

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Go Green

Save money while conserving & protecting natural resources. Live an eco-friendly lifestyle that is good for the environment & good for your health. Learn important skills to teach yourself & your children how to adapt & live in a green future.

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Grow Aware

Understand environmental issues and recognize that our world is fragile & indispensable. Protect biodiversity through your attitudes, behaviours & actions. Recognize that the short-term tradeoffs are needed to create long-term sustainability.

Our Team

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Tricia McLellan-Dath

Tricia is the owner and photographer of Earth Framed Fine Art Photography. She has traveled quite extensively and always gravitates to the…
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Chitra Dath-McLellan

Chitra is a high school Music, English, and Math teacher. She dedicates hours of her own time to the school choir, bands and musicals….