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  • Photographing Winter Birds At The Pinery

    The Pinery Provincal Park is about 45 minutes from our home. We enjoy camping there and driving up for the day, no matter what season it is. In the winter part of the park is closed but there are still several trails, plus the beach that visitors can enjoy. Before

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  • What Is The Largest Fish In The World?

    We have to start off with “what is a fish”, just to make sure we don’t accidentally chose a mammal. A fish is an animal that lives in the water, are usually cold-blooded, use gills to breathe, often have scales and backbones, and instead of limbs, they have finds. Okay,

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  • Chloe Explores Her New Land

    Chloe has been with us for almost 3 months now. We can’t believe how fast the time is going! She is settling into our routine, without getting obsessed by it, and we are starting to learn more about her personality and quirks. One of her current quirks is a bit

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  • Crawford Lake Conservation Area – In Pictures, 2015

    On a winter trip to the Guelph area, we decided to explore some of the local conservation areas. Once we paid for the first one in the Halton area, Mountsberg, we had free access to the rest of them for the remainder of the day. We warmed up in the

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  • A Winter Walk At Dow Wetlands

    The Dow Wetlands Nature Reserve is located south of Sarnia, close to Corunna, Ontario. The 35 acre site features ponds, hiking trails, a pavilion, a memorial forest and a variety of wildlife and plant life. Along the trails we spotted a variety of nesting structures for birds, bats and even

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