Wildflowers At Bridgeview Conservation Area in August


Bridgeview Conservation Area is a small park located in Petrolia, Ontario and is a great place to walk your dog, snowshoe and to photograph wildflowers. As a highly disturbed area, like most parks, you’ll find it difficult to find a lot of native species but there are still many beautiful plants to enjoy, identify and capture.

While photographing plants, try to use the light, background and shadows to create interest. Use a shallow depth of field to blur the background so the the plant seems to pop out more. Look for insects on the leaves and flower petals. Take shots from above, below and beside in order to identify the plant and to bring your own artistic flare to the image. Speaking of flares, why not try to position one in your frame? There are lots of ways to photograph flowers, not your own imagination and abilities can limit you.


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