A Group of Flamingos

flamingos-1099071_1920-300x201 A Group of Flamingos There are four flamingo species in the North and South America and there are two species that can be found in parts of Africa, Southern Europe and Southwestern Asia. Flamingo is a Spanish word meaning “with the colour of flame”.

Scientists still aren’t exactly sure why flamingos often stand on one leg (with the other one tucked up into its feathers). Some believe it is to conserve body heat but they do the same behaviour in warm weather, so who knows?

flamingos-1205366_1920-300x169 A Group of FlamingosFlamingos are born with greyish reddish plumage and will change to light pink or red as adults. The reason for the colour change is a bacteria and beta-Carotene found in the food they eat. They feed on algae, crustaceans, brine shrimp, diatoms and aquatic plants. I guess this means, for flamingos, you are what you eat? The better their diet, the more vibrant they are.

Other than a “stand”, a group of flamingos may also be called a flock of a flamboyance.



Check out the fascinating and entertaining flamingo mating dance:

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